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His father was an anthropologist who spent more time with a 2000-year-old skeleton of an Etruscan boy than with Leonard, who then said "I hated that kid" when he recalled this fact in "The Fish Guts Displacement", (S6E10).He did not celebrate his birthday or Christmas as a child (The Peanut Reaction, S1E16) due to his parents' wish (or more obviously just his mother's) to study the holidays for their "anthropological and sociological implications on society." ("The Maternal Congruence", S3E11).Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

At age five, Leonard dressed up as The Hulk, using his mother's make-up and made-up muscles (balloon muscles) with a bra of his mother's to stop them sagging; He had dressed up as The Hulk because he was always mad at his mom and he wanted to smash his way out of the house and at age six, he walked in on his mother and father naked; She was swatting his bottom with Leonard's brand new ping-pong paddle and Leonard thought it was a dream until years later ("The Raiders Minimization", S7E4).

The season ends with them going on their first date.

His first date with Penny went well, but they broke up shortly afterwards.

Leonard instantly falls in love with her, even inviting her to their apartment for lunch.

The boys are shown to be friends with Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrappali.

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In the last episode of the season (The Tangerine Factor), Penny is distraught about a breakup with her boyfriend because of him blabbing about their sex-life online, she laments to Leonard that for once she just wants to date a guy who is nice and cares about her.

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